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CARDINAL NEWS is a network of news and information sites, and the websites are also Amazon Associate websites, which means that a small percentage of readers’ purchases on Amazon referred from a CARDINAL NEWS click referral to Amazon are paid to CARDINAL NEWS at no extra cost to readers.


Here’s a sample active text link to Amazon Best Sellers in Aubible Books (by the way, once you get to the Amazon page, it’s easy to navigate to Amazon Best Sellers of all categories) …

🎧 Amazon Best Sellers in Audible Books 🎧

Here’s a sample banner ad to Amazon Best Sellers in Aubible Books (again, once you get to the Amazon page, it’s easy to navigate to Amazon Best Sellers of all categories) …

When a reader clicks any text link or any Amazon banner ad or any product image depicting a product sold by Amazon on CARDINAL NEWS, and a reader makes a purchase or signs up for a free trial; each reader’s transaction with Amazon may help pay expenses related to maintaining CARDINAL NEWS — Arlingtoncardinal.com and other CARDINAL NEWS websites. Ultimately ad income helps CARDINAL NEWS publish news free of cost — no cost to all viewers. Income also helps CARDINAL NEWS create new services, features and ideas for continuous expansion as a resourceful website.


Most ads are not specific endorsements, but provide a starting point for searching and helping readers make a decision on the millions of products available on Amazon. Ads are endorsements only if ads specifically say they are endorsements.

Amazon Advertising Preferences

Arlingtoncardinal.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. Ads that are displayed with only a product image (e.g, a music album cover, a sports product, fitness product, etc.) will be accompanied by the “#ad” hashtag to indicate that you will be referred to a commercial promotion for the product. For information on privacy and third-party advertisers utilizing cookies on CARDINAL NEWS websites, please see …


Arlingtoncardinal.com also serves local ads that promote local businesses, organizations, other websites, Facebook business pages, Instagram influencers, etc. These local native ads do not use cookies, but may provide information (for a tally count) that a visitor was anonymously referred to the advertiser’s website from CARDINAL NEWS.

GET YOUR MESSAGE OUT. For information on displaying your own ads on CARDINAL NEWS, please see …


CARDINAL NEWS also uses ad spaces to promote our own internal information pages and some charity organizations.

Ads or Endorsements

CARDINAL NEWS encourages a good “family” of products, sponsors and information in our ad spaces. We want our ad spaces to be attractive spaces that provide additional benefit to readers — beyond the news and information content. While our sponsors and products displayed in ads are not explicit endorsements, most sponsors and products reviewed by CARDINAL NEWS survive a filtering process that attempts to remove bad products, bad sponsors and bad ads.

Bad ads include ads that are reviewed and are determined to be connected to sellers or products that are …

– reported online by consumers to result in poor quality ratings (e.g., multiple reports that product doesn’t work, or product fell apart, etc. with allowances for occasional bad experiences considered),

– reported online to cheat customers by not delivering a product at all, or by delivering a product that is obviously inferior to the product that the seller represented via product image (e.g., multiple reports the product was never shipped, or wrong product was shipped and return was not allowed), or

– reported to originate from suspicious locations or circumstances.

Common resources CARDINAL NEWS uses to scrutinize ads, products or sellers are trustpilot.com, scamadviser.com, sitejabber.com and the Better Business Bureau (bbb.org), and Amazon reviews, etc.

Google | amazon reviews checker

NOTE: Bad ads are not necessarily classified as bad ads (qualifying for rejection) if they are connected to a controversial product or personality — such as a book, verbal audio CD, speech, music production, cinema production, comedy performance, or political campaign. Ads are not necessarily filtered or rejected because of controversial political opinions, controversial ideologies, questionable fact checking, or subjective judgment about artistic quality. In other words, products related to free speech are not necessarily filtered, but products involving scams or fraud are filtered, removed or prohibited from displaying on CARDINAL NEWS. Please note that CARDINAL NEWS provides no guarantee that ALL scam ads or fraudulent ads will be blocked from display. Unacceptable ads may be displayed temporarily before they are discovered and identified and/or located for removal.

Some ads are delivered by a third party service or services based on the content on the Cardinal News website AND on YOUR personal viewing history among all websites that you view. For example: If you see wine ads on the Cardinal News website, it doesn’t mean that Cardinal News supports drinking alcohol beverages, or that any author or agent of Cardinal News likes to drink wine. It likely means that based on your website viewing history, some marketing algorithm has decided that you might be a potential purchaser of wine, and an advertiser has automatically pre-bid for a rapid and highly-complex process that delivers a wine ad to you via the Cardinal News website or any other website that your visit.

In most third party ads delivered on ANY website (from Cardinal News or beyond), there is a triangle that points to the right in the ad. Here is an example for the ad service from Google. Most times if you click on the little triangle in the ad, and if it is a Google-related ad, you will be referred to the page “About Google Ads” where there are interesting and informative details about the digital ad process and how the system interacts with you personally. You have the ability to control how Google personalizes Google ads, or even turn off personalization of Google ads by using Ad Settings. There is often an ‘X’ next to the triangle which allows you to close an ad. If you click the ‘X’ the ad will close and disappear from your view.

You will also likely see two options:
1) “Stop seeing this ad” and

2) “Why this ad?” … which refers you to a page that will explain that the ad you’re seeing is based on the websites you’ve visited and the information on the website you are viewing …

The page will also have a link that refers you to an “ad feedback form” The ad feedback form contains a few options for you to remark on the description of your complaint. The form also refers to Google’s advertising guidelines to help you determine whether an ad violated Google’s advertising guidelines; and you can make a decision about whether you want to report the ad to Google.

Products mentioned on CARDINAL NEWS in an article should not be considered an endorsement for any specific viewer, unless there is a clear indication of an endorsement by CARDINAL NEWS.

Also, products or sponsors displayed as ads should not be considered an endorsement for any specific viewer reading CARDINAL NEWS. Instead ads involve general suggestions that all viewers check the referred sponsor or product for their own possible benefit.

See more on this topic from the Federal Trade Commission …

The FTC’s Endorsement Guides: What People Are Asking

Arlingtoncardinal.com is an Amazon Associate website, which means that a small percentage of your purchases gets paid to Arlingtoncardinal.com at no extra cost to you. When you use the search boxes above, any Amazon banner ad, or any product associated with an Amazon banner on this website, you help pay expenses related to maintaining Arlingtoncardinal.com and creating new services and ideas for a resourceful website. See more info at Arlingtoncardinal.com/AdDisclosure